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Systémy generálního a hlavního klíče (SGHK)

Why choose the system?

Get a security key (key), which will work on all the doors in the building, which you specify. Get rid of bulky and confusing budles of keys and in case of emergency (natural disasters, health problems) avoid the risk of slow assistance and loss of property due to the impaired accessibility of the location. Master key opens all locks in the building (business premises, apartment building, factory complex, etc.). As a rule, it tends to be held by an owner, director, security agency, fire department, cleaning crew. Or it can be placed in a sealed case for use in unexpected situations. The main keys work only for the door that you specify. By assigning the main keys to individuals or specific groups of people you get a clear overview of who has access to which.

Pro koho je Systém generálního klíče vhodný?

Especially for businesses. For added convenience, they however are also used at home. For the entrance gate, entrance, terrace, attic, basement, garage or other door, you just have a single key.

Proč systém generálního klíče od nás?

In the field of general and master keys we belong in the most experienced market . We have created our own calculation and implementation procedures and have verified their functionality and perfection from experience. Quality know-how enables us to meet even the clients' atypical requests and adapt SGHK to their individual needs. Systems are assembled in accordance with the requirements of insurance companies.

Co je potřeba pro zavedení Systému generálního klíče ?

Only Fill out the form Technical specification of the system. It is a simple, but for the successful realization of the project, necessary action. If you don't dare or do not have a knowledgeable person handy, our consultants will be happy to help you.

SGHK Fábera Systems • reasonable price • implementation, even next day • permanent service • custom system of calculations

We offer general key systems from the leading brands in our market - FAB, GE-GE, KABA, MUL-T-LOCK, EVVA.

Specifikace Generálního a hlavního klíče

If you need help on how to set up a key system or already have an idea and you need to finalize your idea, we will help you. We will prepare technical specifications, which is an essential part of the production of the system, and we will prepare a price quote. All this, of course, is free. Then it will be up to you to decide to entrust a key system in the our hands.

Production of SGHK

General key systems fit wherever you want to clearly specify the access of individuals and also have the number of keys under control. Another advantage of master key systems is easy accessibility to any room in the building when unexpected situations occur such as fire. You do not have to look at the big bunch of keys, you have only one key, which gets you quickly where you need.

In addition, the systems we install, we are of course also able to offer systems made to order as a product that you subsequently install yourself. Smaller systems are manufactured within two working days.

Display technical specifications of SGHK. If you are unsure about the system specifications, contact us.