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Modern armor for your property - is metal. Metal is a classicindispensable material. Those who know how to work with it, may create countless forms. We have machines which allows us to. In addition to the permanent assortment of metal components, therefore, allowing us to create even atypical designs, whatever you require. We produce doors, grilles, railings, structures, fences, gates, sheds etc. The safety, durability and appearance are the good qualities of metal products. We offer a variety finishes, by which our products are protected from the weather, and are aesthetically reconciled with the surroundings or interior.Just choose.

We specialize in the production of:

  • postal boxes,
  • entrance doors, portals,
  • grates, grating doors,
  • railings, balconies,
  • stairways,
  • awnings, porches,
  • mats, walkway gratings,
  • custom metal.

Check out a selection of our references.

Gates - sliding, swinging

We manufacture and install gateways, swing, sliding, manual or automatic. Different looks according to the customer, or a selection of already realized designs. High quality finishes last up to fifty years, or produce a structure and surface like wood will. The entire production is key including drive, guide rails, power supply and remote controls. By request the gate can be fitted with an additional mechanical lock during the time when there is no movement of cars, for greater security.

Doors, entrances

Our doors, according to the choice of design and use, are suitable for any entrance, whether it is the entrance to the apartment building, businesses, factories, or if you want to increase the security rooms where you store things, goods, bicycles etc. The doors can be fitted with latticed panels, plated, to insulate with mineral. If they are glazed such as safety glass. The doors we design for you are created so as to best suit your needs and usage. The advantage of doors with steel structures is their high durability and mechanical resistance. We will make replicas e.g. of plastic doors, which due to their construction do not fully meet your expectations. We do not interfere with the original layout, which was designed during the construction of the building.

We are manufacturers, therefore, there is no increase in the price of the product further by selling them on. We guarantee very competitive price, for the doors we produce and of course install. We guarantee doors have been developed over many years and are still being refined in order to bring you the best comfort and convenience during their operation and to meet the aesthetic and safety requirements of today. Our products are, on request, offered with a variety of surface finishes The doors are mounted with quality accessories from leading Czech and world manufacturers such as locks, self-locking locks, cylinders, door hardware, security fittings, door closers, access control systems and more.

Grating: fixed, swinging

We produce gratings, which are one of the elements that increase your safety and prevent uninvited guests from getting inside the company, home, cottage etc. As already stated, grates for you are manufactures and even assembled by us. This means that there is no artificial increase in the price via resale. The result is that the price for the customer is very favorable. Gratings are made of various molded materials including forged accessories, according to customer requirements. Gratings thus do not always seem like an unwanted prison, but may be a nice complement to your windows and doors. We're always striving to not make our products in any way disruptive to the appearance of objects but that are well aligned with the surroundings. Our experience and manufacturing processes ensure the high quality of all our products. Our products are offered with different finishes. Gratings are manufactured to meet insurance requirements and to help you insure your investments.

Rails for prams

In our workshop we carry out the production of rails for prams in any size. We offer as a base two types of materials from which the rails are made. Either they are vented which is practical in keeping rails free of debris and particles, or sheets with the tear or groove styling.

Rails for prams are manufactured either fixed or folding, which are suitable for narrow staircases, where it is not possible to have permanent rails, because they would make it impossible to move around a standard staircase. They are hinged one to each rail.

We install rails, but it is not a problem for us to produce and deliver them to the customer. Installation is not complicated and the packaging contains all material for their anchorages. Rails for prams are offered with different finishes, according to customer requirements.

Steel structures, stairs

We produce various walking ramps, eg. if the entrance to the house is high and is above the pavement. Or we can produce for efficient use of space in your warehouse or lobby a mezzanine with additional space for storage. We produce lasting auxiliary structures to access sites, which are located at a height and are needed for regular access (not available on site for example. ladder), including sufficient maneuvering space in elevation. We also produce stairs, both for interior and exterior with a high quality finish. Restorations of steps can be very diverse. Suitable non-slip tiles for outdoor steps. Or metal, grades filled with walkable grids. Production of staircase construction into which wood steps are placed. We produce boxes, which are used in warehouses in departments of various storage space, or for increased security of more expensive materials in the warehouse.


Fences generally used for borders on property at the family home, an apartment house with a garden or commercial premises. The fence may be an element of additional overall appearance of your property. Fences are manufactured either fixed with fence parts equipped with a high quality finish is guaranteed up to 50 years, or, the classic mesh . Our jobs are always done to a T  . All work associated with focus, excavations, fitting new posts. Concerning the fences where their foundations are walls, so the same applies. A gate will also be incorporated with the fence either sliding or opening, mechanically operated or automatic. If you're not driving in the car, part of the gate can be a gate for pedestrians. The filler may be pure metal, or part wood, or various metalwork elements.

Shelters, skylights

Shelters are manufactured according to our own production program according to customer request or architects' to always fit the surroundings. Shelters are manufactured straight, curved, rounded, or we can produce any shape according to customer requirements. Fillers may be glass, metal or plastic (usually makralon), which is a easily workable if it is just for round shelters. Another segment of this production are porches at the entrance to buildings or houses, including a shelter.

Skylights are also produced in various forms and shapes. Once again a quality option surface finishes.

Mats, grates

We produce, for example, mat (mats) fixed or tilted for better cleaning of dirt. Tilting mats are always designed so that they can not be stolen. We produce grates above the windows that lead to the basement to maintain the level with the sidewalk and yet could ventilate the cellar and various grates that cover the drainage canals etc.

Serial production

Perfection is in the details. It is close to our hearts manufacturing apparent trivialities which bring great benefits. Some are manufactured as standard, others on request. Small series even individual pieces.

Products - Mats - fixed or tilting, door-front cleaning zones with security against theft. grates - over basement windows extending below ground level, drainage channels, ditches, etc. hangers for clothes for balconies to attach cords. Door handles in different shapes and finishes. We also produce accessories for installation of door accessories, such as mounting plates under the door closers, protective rosettes for cylinders for welding, reduction of door locks that are no longer manufactured, and more.

Railings, balconies

The railing is part of your home, whether it is a balcony railing or staircase, within panelaks or family houses. It should always meet the requirements of both the look and safety. According to your wishes and ideas we produce railings that will definitely satisfy. We will help you choose the right design or profile, and design solutions, which will be not only safe, but also aesthetic. We produce all-metal railings with wood panels, glass panels, and plastic. Of course there is the installation of all components, such as glazing, assembly and other wood elements. Railings are produced for our customers and of course i are mounted . The advantage is the favorable price, As you purchase the products we produce ourselves. Our products offer a variety of finishes.